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Dead pixels X2D


New Member
Hello all,

I received my 2nd X2D a week ago, after the first one was exchanged a few weeks after release due to too many bugs and subsequently resold by me. This time almost everything is perfect, but I noticed numerous dead pixels when looking through the viewfinder in dark surroundings. Some were white, a few red and green. Some white ones were much larger than others, as if adjacent pixels were affected. A click on the sensor calibration of the camera solved the problem immediately. Still, I have a bad feeling about the impact on image quality, especially with the larger pixelgroups. If I understand the process correctly, the dead pixels are filled with information from surrounding pixels, similar to stamping in Lightroom.
Attached is a picture of the situation. Both through the EVF and on the back screen it looked the same.

Do you guys have an opinion on this? Should I send the camera back or live with it since it is unavoidable?
Greetings Micha


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I would be on the phone to the dealer about a return. For this kind of money and from a company with this kind of reputation it should perform 100%. YMMV

Mine arrived 100% and has been a peach since I got it, about a year ago. The X2D, mine with the XCD 55V, is just a wonderful camera. Color and image are first class.
@Mucklemore, curious if you have traveled with yours (for example, put it through an airport scanning system) or some other oddity? I have used Leica for a long time and on rare occasion had a few (2 or 3) pixels turn odd, but they have an ability to provide a firmware update to fix then when I send an image. Now some have it built in. You are the first I have heard with this issue. I have the CFV50 (second version) and not seen this issue, but not put it through an airport yet either.

Also curious what type of bugs you found in the first one?

Have you considered buying from a different dealer or Hasselblad direct?

Hoping you get a good one third time around …

Best. David.
Hey David,

thanks for your answer. I have had something similar before with a Q2 Monochrom. Again, there were a similar number of dead pixels, but they were all the same size. I was able to remove these by pixelmapping at that time as well. The camera was used though, so it didn't really bother me.
My X2D had not yet been exposed to an airport or similar environment. It came directly from the dealer. In the end, of course, it could be that Hasselblad missed the factory calibration here. In that case, I would never have seen the errors myself. And that's the thing with many modern cameras, they regularly do pixel mapping automatically at the set distance. It's hard to know how many individual pixels are mapped out over time, and it's also hard to know how many are mapped out by the manufacturer at the factory.
Here are a few problems I had with my X2D after the launch: loose camera strap recording, problems with the SSD in connection with a MacBook, large play between the lenses and the bayonet, 5-6 dead pixels without senor calibration function, now and then the camera simply hung up when it was not used...
So far all these problems have disappeared and it was temporarily the dead pixels that still bother me a bit.

I think I'll just keep the camera now though.

I can't detect any degradation in the image even at 300% in said spots.

Hey all,

small update: Hasselblad has taken the camera back and exchanged it for a brand new one. Unfortunately with exactly the same result. Again over 20 dead pixels when first turned on. I am simply at a loss for words.
Greetings Michael