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In the beginning of this year I send a Hasselblad C.Z. Distagon C 50mm T* and two Hasselblad A12 film backs, from Belgium to the repair shop in the Netherlands for a CLA.
All these items were packed together in a neutral looking box and not mentioning the firm's name 'Cameraservice', just the personal repairman's name, as to avoid any temptation.
This parcel never arrived, and the Belgian Mail as well as the Netherlands Mail, both renown and governmental controlled public services, don't know what happend, and they finally stopped looking for it, without any explication.
It seems that the parcel must have 'disappeared' the next day during the transition, by truck, between the two countries. The Netherlands ar a neighbour country and the repair shop is about 150 km away from my place.
The serial numbers are:
Distagon 50 mm: 6276326
A12 filmback: UP422201
A12 filmback: RS3161806
If somebody happens to 'stumble' on them, please give me a sign.