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Low ISO in GFX


New Member
Dear all,

When GFX was released two years ago, from the articles I read, it was capable of ISO 50 (pulled) from the standard ISO 100, using one of the menu. But, when I bought it early this year, I updated the firmware, and it cannot go down to ISO 50, there is no button to show where it is.

Reason I want to try the low ISO is to enable long exposure with only on ND filter (6 stop).

Anybody knows how to lower the ISO?

Thank you :)


New Member
Heya. Have you tried the following?

  • Set the ISO dial to C
  • The ISO setting is now controlled by the FRONT control wheel, under your forefinger as you hold the camera to your eye
  • Press the front wheel, and you’ll be able to adjust ISO. Turn it LEFT to go down to ISO 50 pull setting

Any good?