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Member Gallery?


New Member
I'm new at this, but caught a glimpse somewhere on the website about posting pics to a "gallery." It's a great way to generate interest and discussion, but I am not able to find just where the gallery is and how to post pics. ?


Hi Vinmoxa,


In the past we had 2 different options to upload images. One was via a seperate plugin, the so called gallery and in the forum itself in the appropriate subforums.

Since the participation in that extra gallery was very low, lower than in the subforums for images, we deinstalled the gallery plugin and use nowadays only the sections within the forum.

But you are not forced to upload inages only in the image subforums.

You can upload inages everywhere in the forum, i.e. if you want to show the capabilities of a specific lens or camera, you can upload these images also in the gear sections.

Best wishes


New Member
I'm a bit confused re posting images.
If one wants to simply post images for the sake of sharing, not necessarily demonstrating a lens or camera, but just showing MF images, where/how does one do this?
I have read in the past how some members are disappointed at the low interest in the forum. Maybe just posting pics from our MF cameras with no other intent than just sharing images would be easier. Hell, if you have a MF camera, surely you are using it!.
No point in being shy about your talent. We are a family here. We are bound to like what you show. :)
Being technically challenged, I am still trying to work out how/where to post images. I bet I am not alone.


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I totally agree. There are no limitations or rules to show images here. Post them wherever you find it fits the best.

Maybe it is a good idea not just uppload some images without text. MAy add to them something like an information where this is and why you took the picture or why you have been there. Something that gives more "colour", so others are less shy to upload their own images too.