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As you know we want to give a "thank you" to those members, who support us with a donation. Therefore we offer now for Patrons a slightly bigger upload file size in MB and in image size width (horizontal) compared to free members (non-donators). :z04_2171:

Please bear in mind, that we do not want to evolve in a pixel peeping forum. It is all about photography. This is reflected in these sizes. Additionally, everything in the forum shall stay free for everybody. We do not want to "sell features". Therefore the size restrictions are already that big for free members, that you hardly need more. Nobody is forced to upgrade to enjoy a photography community. :z04_photos:

Patrons have just more "convenience" with their upload/space sizes. Patrons shall not see their donations to get feature "xyz". They should see their donation as a way to support our effort and to help to run this Medium Format community forum long term successfully, if you enjoy it here.

That means you can of course also donate, even if you are not interested at all in bigger image sizes. t:)

As always, Patrons do not see banner ads once they login.

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