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Snapper with a bad habit....


New Member
I am an amateur snapper and have joined the MFF as I sometimes need an answer that isn't always readily available! Cameras are used for a particular purpose, or "look", and most were bought used, and are users.
8x11mm: Minox B.
35mm: Konica 1.6S Auto, Minox ML, Nikon FT3, F3hp, FM3a.
6x6: Rolleicord V, Rolleiflex T, Zeiss Ikonta 520/16, Super Ikonta 531/16.
5x4: Crown Graphic.
I also have a digital camera, a Huawei P20Pro!
Favourite films currently are Ilford FP4+, HP5+, Kodak TriX & E100 and Fuji Provia 100F and get films developed, scanned and then printed occasionally. I enjoy taking photos of events, people and places, or whatever catches my eye!