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Is anyone using a technical camera here ? ? ?
Like ARCA SWISS , ALPA , CAMBO or others ? ? ?

Here is a series of ALPA images . ASPHALT WORKS . My blue series .
ALPA 12 TC + HRDIGARON-s 4,5/28mm + HB CFV50

ALPA.HEBEL_4137.VIGN.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg ALPA.HEBEL_4153.40x50.VIGN.H+25.BLUE.CAST.+8.tiff.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg ALPA.HEBEL_4158.VIGN.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg ALPA.HEBEL_4194.VIGN.40,4x51,7.PP.jpg

Regards . Jürgen . jotloob .


Jurgen I love your blue series images! I sure wish I had a technical camera and digital back to go with it, but unfortunately I do not .

I look forward to seeing more of yours and other technical camera images shared here.



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Thank you Gary . I have fallen in love with industrial architecture . As I live in the far south of Germany , a part of Germany with very little industry , I can only find gravel pits
(very many) , concrete mixing plants and asphalt works . I some locations , you are not allowed to shoot , even if you show your images you have already taken in other places . No chance . But at the location you see in the blue serie , I was welcome . They even offered me to stay longer than their opening time . Then there is no traffic , which produces an extreme amount of fine dust .
I will prepare other ALPA images for upload .
Regards . Jürgen .


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Dirk . Thanks for that link . I am sure , there are many interesting places around Dortmund , Duisburg Essen and other cities in the "Ruhrgebiet" .
They are all too far away for me . I don't like to travel that far anymore .
I usually visit an interesting location a couple of times . We all know the "hunting" for good light or weather and therefore I prefer places within a daytrip .


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Taken with ALPA 12 STC + HRDIGARON 40mm + CFV50 . Vertical shift .
This image gave me the initial idea for my series : CONCRETE , GRAVEL , ASPHALT .


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Hi Gary

Shooting with an ALPA ( or other technical camera ) is a bit like shooting with a 4x5 inch camera .
It is a shooting technic "back to the roots" .
And of course , you make the same mistakes , as you did with a 4x5 camera . Haha .

But it is a challenge , a lovely challenge over and over again . Including LCC . I just love it .
For most of my ALPA images , i use a tripod . But the images from the blue serie were all shot hand held .
As the image circle of the HRDIGARON 28mm is too small for shift operation , I used the ALPA 12 TC . (very much like a HB SWC)
I also shot this brewery house with the HB 905SWC + CFV50 .

The same is valid for the following image . An old brewery house , integrated in modern city architecture .


Handheld tilt of the camera . The transform function of PSCC brought the verticals back .


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4306 SHADOW.jpg

4275 SHADOW.jpg

4296 SHADOW.jpg

4304 SHADOW.jpg

This is my second blue series taken with ALPA 12 PLUS and HRDIGARON 4,5/40mm .
It is great fun to see these images as large prints on a wall .

In comparison to my first blue series , I have reduced the magenta part in the sky .
I hope you like what you see .


Hi Jürgen,

I like the images of the second series better. I can not say exactly why. They have mor 3-D feeling. Maybe because the sand/stones are in the front. Difficult to say.

I am wondering whether I should install another different forum template with dark background to make the images "pop-out" more.


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Hello Dirk .
I understand . For the first series , the focus is on the asphalt plant and machinery . In the second series , the focus more on the mankind created "landscape" around the machinery . That "landscape" changes every day . That is very exciting and requires , that you visit the location perhaps several times . Best time is on a Saturday or Sunday anyway .


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While still being in a kind of lock down , I discovered some images taken about ten years ago . Forgotten files .
ALPA 12 STC + HB CFV39 + HRDIGARONs 28mm .


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ALPA SWA + HR DIGARON W 4,5/40mm + CFV50 .

I don't dare to travel a lot during this corona pandemic times . So I was searching for some images I took some time ago and which I never posted before .
Here is one of them . A typical square format image . About 8mm vertical shift .


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It is a pity , that no one else posts here .
I will show some new image of what I call blue series 3Ω , just to prevent this thread to fall asleep completely .

Taken with HASSELBLAD 907x CFV II 50 c and the 45P lens .

xx0 @ B0503 FINAL.JPG

H B0599 Q PP.JPG


B0522 @@.jpg

The smaller image (NR.3) is taken with ALPA 12 PLUS HR DIGARON 40mm and CFV 50 about a year ago .


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I hope you like what you see .
And . . . . . . come on , post some of your work to put some life into this thread . Jürgen .


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Hallo Jürgen,

Nice pictures, thank you.

Technical cameras (i.e arrangements that allow the plane of the film/sensor to be tilted with respect of the image plane) are still present, but get less often used, as they remain religiously kept form dust, or sold cheap on an auction platform ...

Several reasons for that state of affair.

One could say almost the same about MF, even though I have the impression that this type of camera remains widespread in some segments of prof. photography as well as with those who cherish MF.

Years ago, I sold all my MF equipment to finance high quality scanners that were needed to digitize my (and those of others) collection of pictures, ranging from 24mmx36mm to 60mmx60mm. When I was done with that, I started to digitize my collection of 4x5'' pictures as well. My Sinar is stil "in use" once or twice a year for a particular project. Shooting is analog, and the film material gets scanned after that. I do not use this path often enough to justify the investment for a digital back.

I'll post a pic here as soon as I have access to my repository. In the meantime, enjoy your week, Philippe