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Advice requested, best place to get sensor cleaned UK


New Member

As I am not 100% sure how to clean the sensor (if even right for me to try), can anyone recommend a good place to send the H4D body and 50ms sensor for a clean please ?

I think there is some dust as well on the mirror which doesn't bother me that much but I imagine it will make it's way to the sensor soon enough so I wanted to get both cleaned.

Many thanks for your great help.

I realize this is not actually what you wish to hear, but I strongly feel it's the best answer.

The best place to get a sensor cleaned in the UK is your kitchen table :)

May I suggest you watch the how-to videos on this website and give serious consideration to looking into what supplies are available in the UK.

I promise, it may seem scary but it's super easy and nearly impossible to damage anything.
Well, after recommending the videos I guess I should have included the link :)

While there seems to be an unlimited number of options regarding what supplies to use during cleaning a sensor, it have been using these guy's products since the Nikon D1 days and have never seen any reason to experiment further.

You may have to do some research to find what is available in your location. I believe there may be some restrictions regarding air shipment of the solutions.