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Changing from Analogue to Digital


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Hello Folks,
Not sure whether this is precisely the correct group, but here goes.
I have been using my 503cxi for years but time has taken its toll on my eyes. I have had to get rid of my Leica Range Finder gear and now I'm not nailing the focus with my "Blad" I would like to continue with Hasselblad Digital but could do with some help.
I want to keep the "Look" of a medium format but I rather think a mirrorless would not give me what I want.
From your experience would an "H" be the best option to buy, and are there particular lenses which would also help with "that" look. I mainly photograph more isolated subjects in the landscapes eg old Field Barns rusting farm machinery and, occasionally portraits.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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I would have no hesitation in recommending any of the H series cameras - and I am still using an early model, the H2, with a digital back. However, the lenses, which are superb, render images that have a different feel from those of the earlier types. This may be in no small part because they're made by Fuji and not Zeiss. I like the rendition they give but I also found another way to get the Zeiss 'pop' that you only get from their glass - I use a Contax 645 with its modest range of stunning Zeiss glass, coupled to a Hasselblad Ixpress digital back. There is an easier and less costly route which is to buy Hasselblad's adapter which allows you to use their old lenses on H cameras. However, I don't know if that requires manual focusing; if so you would be back to square one. The H cameras and their lenses will produce stunning images; I love using them for landscape work. But for Zeiss glass using AF, the Contax 645/Ixpress digital back might be a solution. I've attached (I hope) a piccie using the Contax 645, Zeiss 45mm lens and Hasselblad Ixpress back which has that Zeiss 'pop' - it's been heavily compressed from its original 48Mb file size but I think it conveys the image quality of the unusual combination of photographic gear. Hay Globe bloom rev.jpg


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First, many thanks for taking such trouble in answering my query. Your image makes me want to run out a get the same combination!
I too, am a great fan of Zeiss. I used their lenses on my Nikon D850, but, of course I had to sell them along with Leica ones.
Your suggestions are a great help and will encourage me to look further into the options.
Once again, my thanks!


Due to similar reasons to yourself , I've also made the move to the H Series. I've several V cameras and had 5 Leica M digital and more M film bodies and 2 Leica S. I'm glad the Leica have gone as I was ever in pursuit of what Hasselblad might provide.

this year, I've purchased: H3Dii-31, H1, HC 50-110, 80, 28mm and a V adapter, for less than the cost of an MM body. All very low usage, less than 3,000 frame and some lenses only triggered 1,000 times. Image quality is fabulous and processed via Phocus is quite different than with the Leica S. I back-button focus and almost everything is spot on which doesn't happen with the V bodies; I'm delighted.


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Love the piccie. That's a very versatile combination of Hasselblad gear that you have! Much as I love using the H-series glass, for me there's something about Zeiss MF glass which just edges it. I now have the fun of using the Contax 645 Zeiss glass on the Fuji GFX 50S; the amazing 80mm f2 on the Fuji camera makes a very special combination - I just wish I could use it on the Hasselblad. AF is enabled by the Fringer Adapter - it can be a bit slow with some lenses but then I'm not shooting sport so who cares...

At some stage, I plan to try and compare the Hasselblad H lenses with those of the Fuji GFX series; given that they're both made by Fuji, I wonder how similar they might be in rendition of an image...?


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I have bought an "almost new" H4D with only 3000 actuations and was lucky to also buy an HC 80mm - literally unused. I will, when weather and time permits, get out and see if it does what I want from it although the few "trial" images in the garden look very hopeful. As to other lenses, I will take my time and comprehensively explore the range I can get with my present set up.
I certainly enjoy the "feel" of my H and the bright viewfinder. Can't wait to have a nicre long day out in the country with it!