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Classic oldtimers

Volker Schwarz

New Member
Hasselblad 501CM / Fujichrome Velvia RVP 100F / Ilford FP4 / Canoscan 9000F


  • Prichsenstadt Chevrolet.jpg
    Prichsenstadt Chevrolet.jpg
    86.2 KB · Views: 16
  • Prichsenstadt Maybach.jpg
    Prichsenstadt Maybach.jpg
    102.7 KB · Views: 20
  • Prichsenstadt MB.jpg
    Prichsenstadt MB.jpg
    88.8 KB · Views: 17
  • Prichsenstadt Mercedes 2.jpg
    Prichsenstadt Mercedes 2.jpg
    91 KB · Views: 24
  • Prichsenstadt Mercedes.jpg
    Prichsenstadt Mercedes.jpg
    92.9 KB · Views: 28
  • Prichsenstadt Oldie Velvia.jpg
    Prichsenstadt Oldie Velvia.jpg
    96.2 KB · Views: 15


Nice shots, like how you captured these old cars!
Did you do a lot of processing in PS or are they pretty much 'as shot'?