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H1/GX645af Shutter Stop Increments

Wesley Snaps

New Member

I just introduced myself in the appropriate forum.

I'm searching for the perfect 645 film camera. To me, that means more than center weighted metering, excellent viewfinder, and most importantly more options as far as mid stops in shutter speed.

Can anyone who owns either of these cameras tell me, in manual mode, does the camera do 1/2 stops? Better yet would be 1/3 or 1/4 stops.

For my subject matter, shutter speed makes a vast difference. Flowing water, creeks, rivers, waterfalls. I bracket at a range of speeds on my mirrorless camera. I've been spoiled by the 1/3rd stops available to me. As I'm investing in a new system, I'm going to get the one that best suits how I shoot. Price and weight be damned!

I so far have thoroughly investigated Mamiya and Pentax. Their 1/2 stops could suffice, but not totally satisfy. I have heard the Fujinon lenses for the H system obliterate these others without doubt.

Nevertheless, I have been unable to unearth any detailed reviews of the Hasselblad H1 or Fujifilm GX645AF. I have sifted through the fluff out there but require the technical details. I'm really hoping there is an owner here I could talk to.

Thank you.