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Hello (again)

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Although I'm already a member, and have been for some time, I haven't visited this forum for ages. So, by way of a new "hello", I'm Paul. I live in Essex (UK) - but I'm originally from just south of Manchester - and have recently turned 60. I've been an avid amateur photographer since I hit my teens in 1974 and I've shot a load of systems and formats in the last 47 or so years but I'm settled on a Yashica 124G and Zero 6x6 pinhole (for film MF) and a Fuji GFX 50r (for digital MF). I'm hoping to retire in a few years (tops) and will, hopefully, have the chance to concentrate on travelling more and taking more / better photos. My main interests are (in no particular order) travel, street and landscape. I'll try to be a much more regular visitor from now on.....

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Hi Dirk,

Here's a few I took with my GFX 50r on a holiday we took in the north-east last year (in-between lockdowns). I lived up there for 7 years (late 80s / early 90s) and hope to retire up there as and when the opportunity arises. They were all taken using the 32-64mm zoom and processed using Capture One Pro. I hope you like them.

If you (or anyone else) wants to look at a wider selection, please have a look at

Cheers, Paul.

Whitley Bay.jpg

Whitley Bay 1.jpg

Whitley Bay 15.jpg

Whitley Bay 17.jpg
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Wow, they are impressive with this dynamic range. Is the zoom heavy/large or still comfortable to hold?

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It's a personal opinion (and I'm a fairly large / strong person) but I find this combo very easy to handle. For landscape work, I use a tripod and a geared head but only when a slow shutter speed is required. On this walk we travelled about 5 miles with no adverse effect.