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Leica M to Hassy 1600F?


New Member
Are any adapters like this available, or advisable? I am wondering about the coverage of a small format lens to an MF frame. I don't know enough yet to figure it out!
I found a 1600F kit w/ two Kodak lenses and am wondering if my M lenses will work on such a beast!
I understand that all lenses are interchangeable on the HB line, so what works on a 1600F (you lucky dog, you) will work on the X2D and vice versa. If this is true an adapter for the X2D, a dumb one like the US$30 TTArtisan, would work for you. The Sonnar lenses have a 45mm FOV which covers the X2D 44mm x 33mm sensor. I do not know how it would work on your 1600F. But if what I believe to be true about interchangeability of HB lenses is true you can do this. I have shot Sonnars on the regular X2D format and a Planar Cooke Amotal on the cropped 24 x 36 format. That said it is hard to beat the lenses developed for the HB cameras specifically. The XCD 55V is just great. And the old Kodak lenses were very good lenses.