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Poll: What should be the name of this forum in the future?

What should be the name of this forum in the future?


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Dear members,

in September 2018 I relaunched the old Communty Forum under the name " At that time I wanted to underline the move from a Hasselblad only forum to a Medium Format platform for all brands. Like a bigger family.

After almost 3 years, I can see that a domainname with the ending ".family" is difficult for search engines, if someone is searching for a forum or a community for Medium Format photography.

Therefore I am thinking about changing the domainname to something more search engine friendly. For this I need your opinion.

I have two different domainnames to offer, which could fit better than the current domainname:



Obviously the difference between the two is only the second half of the name. Either "forum" or "community".

The question is now: Which one do you like the most?

Please vote for your preferences in the poll and it would be great, if you could also write a comment below the poll, why you prefer #1 or #2.

You can also discuss it with others below or bring up totally new ideas. The poll will be open for 4 weeks. Enough time to think about it. The poll will end on 25.4.2021 at 5.30pm German time.

Best wishes
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New Member
Good morning,

thank you Dirk to keep and polish things up.
the word "forum" is - as Jeffdrew puts it - easier to remember for the older Guys/Ladies. Correct, and I'm old as well.
However, "forum" has often a negative touch, think about the average level of comments in our average press all over internet.

Today, the main opinion forms itself in fora - plural of forum - which only represent "consensus".
"Consensus", as we know, is not "reality".

Have a nice day, Philippe


New Member
Community has a friendlier feel but from a search engine perspective, I would always use forum.


New Member is my preference because it is most specific, and anyone using a search engine to find a forum for discussion of medium format would likely use the word “forum“ in the search, and therefore, find it more easily.


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Community is a notion that I like more, it speaks of people who share a project, an idea, an approach, a philosophy. But if we remain pragmatic and practical, for a more effective communication, "forum" is fully justified. Your goal, Dirk, is to continue to exist, to make yourself better known and to expand the family. Consequently, I choose the reason.

Have a nice day,


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I agree with people that forum is the easier option for searches, but here is a chance to tweek the outlook of the site. I registered originally because through good fortune and the generosity of a family friend I "inherited" a 500 C/M. I had visited from another forum supporting analog photography. For reasons I can't remember - after looking through various posts I found a lack of community which I experienced from day one in the other forum. We who keep shooting film for whatever reasons we choose - find ourselves in a minority that needs the support that comes from community. Having it in the name doesn't guarantee things but it may encourage.


Ok, the poll is over. Thank you all for your votings and comments!

The majority of the members voted for the new domainname "".

I will change the current domainname probably next week to "". I have to design first a new logo etc.

After that is done, I will put then a deviation from the old domainname to the new one. Please bear in mind, that old links to specific threads will probably not work after the switch.