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Why medium format..


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I began shooting medium format in the 1980's. My equipment was Mamiya 6x4.5s. I had begun with one and then saw the advantages of a second body. Sometime later I was using a Pentax 6x7. I was shooting for stock and editorial work. I really enjoyed getting my work back from the lab. The 6x7 images were big and showed detail that 35mm could not do. Today I'm retired, but still will grab a camera snd shoot just for my fun and pleasure. I have a beautiful Rolleiflex TLR with a working meter and spotless glass. My arsenal also includes a Hasselblad 503CW. It is fitted with either a metered 45 degree or 90 prism. Two lenses, a CF 50 T F4 and a late model C 80 2.8 T. Also available is a Pentax 6x4.5 auto focus with 4 auto lenses. I only shoot film.


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daveo228i - you certainly have good taste in your medium format choices. Like you , I stared with a Mamiya 645 and even used a Lubitel for a short time (I pretend I never heard of that camera). I have loved medium format gear and continue to use it even though it is a long time since I took photography seriously. My main MF camera today is the Contax 645 and I like to play around with it when indoors - I have one set up with a Contax body, Hasselblad Ixpress 132C back, Mamiya Sekor Auto Bellows and lens via a Zoerk Adapter and a Pentax 6x7 Chimney WLF. I still use a Fuji GA645Zi, Mamiya RZ67s, Fuji GX680III and a couple of Pentax 6x7s. The great thing about MF is that taking a photograph becomes an occasion - you really stop and think about the image you are trying to create - even when using a digital back. I'm really sad that 220 and instant film is virtually impossible to buy any more - I used to use a lot. C645 Hybrid.jpg Fav rev.jpg
Hay Globe bloom rev2.jpg

Taken on a Contax 645 with Ixpress back and Zeiss 45mm lens