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Hasselblad digital camera question

It depends on what you need - I can't answer for you.
If you want the best of both get a H6d-100c or a Phase One.

Used HC lenses have the same problems as any used lenses - have the seller check the shutter count.
If the shutter fails, it will cost about $1800 to replace from Hasselblad (but you'll get a new warranty).
If the autofocus fails, about $400 if it's a worn gear (most likely).
They are supposed to be good for 150k (I think - I don't remember exactly - it's a big number)
But I did have a 100mm where the diaphragm started getting erratic that had only 80,000.
Otherwise I've had no problems, but I don't shoot thousands.
I asked Hasselblad for their repair costs for different parts and found that the shutter replacement on lens is ~700$, but not 1800$. I do have their official price list.
So if that happens is not a small but either not a big money to spend on repair.
The H5D is old firewire connection, and I don't have old Mac to run it on tethered so, sadly, either to buy old Macbook or skip to H6d or to Phase one IQ 60 which has USB. They also confirmed the all H models are still and will be serviced.
I also got suggestion for Fuji GFX 100S, better mp and DR but not a significant different look from full frame DSLR.
Well, that is what the bill was to fix my 100mm f/2.2 -
Maybe they ran into additional problems as well - don't remember - it was many years ago.
I was just happy to have it back in two days.
I know they tend to be very cautious, and replace anything that is just worn that they think might possibly fail - (after all, people rely on this equipment for a living).

As far as current servicing, I heard that they closed their excellent service facility in NJ, and now everything goes to West Coast, with the majority of repairs to be sent to Sweden. At least that is what I heard.

Apple had a Firewire to Thunderbolt 2 dongle (A1463) if your computer had a Thunder 2 input. For current Macs, You could then connect that dongle to a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 dongle (A1790) that you can then connect into any current Mac with Thunderbolt 3 ports.
I don't remember if I ever used it with Hasselblad stuff (I might have) - I know I did use it with other Firewire devices, but not recently, so I can't confirm that it still works with the current MacOS operating system or if those older software programs will run with the current MacOS operation system.
The dongles are not terribly expensive and can be found used on Ebay, or new at B&H or Apple.
So X2D don't have live view as I understand, so no good for product photography.
I think Fuji GFX 100 S with live view and 100mp and not so expensive lenses is a good option for me, but it's a cropped sensor, and I do want to get significantly different look than my full frame D850.
Hasselblad do say Live View is coming. They said it months ago, along with many other requests…and those others came today! Who knows when Live View arrives…but everyone is asking for it.
Meantime, tne rear monitor is excellent and you can use a timer to delay the shutter if you’re worried about camera movement…,although with Phocus 2 on your phone, you can trigger it without any delay.